MY OWN Saddle Fitting Session

MY OWN Saddle Fitting Session

MyOwn Fitting System is Prologo’s proprietary biomechanical system that allows a cyclist to scientifically find the saddle best suited for him/her.

The result is determined by several factors, correlated through a dedicated algorithm, ensuring the best solution for each cyclist.  Using the “MyOwn station” take the distance between the ischial bones.This is one of the factors that can determine the shape and width of the saddle.  

Pelvic rotation, or pelvic flexibility, is another key factor to find the ideal saddle shape: Round, Semi-Round, Flat.  Body mass index (BMI) allows us to establish how much pressure is exerted on the saddle and the cyclist; this factor can influence both the choice of form and width. The calculation of the BMI is made automatically by the software by entering the height and weight.  The full £30 fitting cost will be refunded upon the purchase of a Prologo saddle


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