Elemental Bike Fit

Elemental Bike Fit

A good starting point for any new rider or those who wish to gain some reassurance about their current position. I will set up your cleats, optimise your saddle position and ensure that your reach and hands are in good position for you and your unique shape and size. This fit usually takes around 1 hour to complete.




01. A pre-fit interview to identify your goals and injury history. Questions about daily habits and activities including other sports of interest to get a better picture of what caused the body I see in front of me to be the shape it is currently.


02. A physical assessment to identify any limiting  factors that may restrict your optimal riding position. Testing  flexibility , range of motion and proprioception  off the bike as well as looking at breathing, stability and pedaling technique on the bike.


03. A cleat set up using 5 different positional changes  to help reduce risk of knee pain and ensure comfortable, efficient cycling. Techniques learned as a BikeFit Pro Bike Fitter are used to increase stability in the foot/pedal interface.


04. Careful consideration of the saddle and handlebar position in order to perfectly dial in your contact points. This all helps to keep breathing, stability and efficiency of motion optimised so energy can be used to make the bike go farther, faster,  with less wasted calories.


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