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Motion Analysis

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LEOMO’s IMU sensors capture 3-axis gyrometer and accelerometer data. Live Video Sync allows the capture and download the raw data of each axis and view it in an oscilloscope graph to accurately inform bike fitting decision making

Pinpoint a cyclist’s best position for an optimal bike fit

  • Incorporating LEOMO’s motion analysis technology into our bike-fitting service ensures the most precise understanding of your cycling movement patterns during the bike-fitting session.


  • LEOMO’s advanced Motion Performance Indicators (MPIs) offer the best and most accurate solution for bike-fitting based on a cyclist's actual positioning and movements whilst riding.


  • Manual bike-fitting techniques used in isolation relying upon coefficients, harnesses and a variety of settings can be unnecessarily cumbersome and not entirely accurate, while high-tech motion capture systems can only provide insights if the cyclist is within average ranges based on more than 1,000 of samples.

  • Using traditional bike-fitting techniques based on manual adjustments in tandem with LEOMO’s motion analysis system offers precise, data-informed insights that can lead to optimal positioning with a greater degree of accuracy for every individual cyclist.

  • LEOMO’s motion analysis technology can provide optimal positioning insights for every bike-fitting client based on specific data captured from LEOMO’s MPIs.

About me

Peter Weir | BikeFit Pro Certified Bike Fitter

I suppose in retrospect, I made a decision at a very early stage into my cycling learning curve that I wanted to understand the sport literally from the feet up. I was plagued with old injuries from a rather undistinguished rugby career, finding it difficult to get comfortable but unashamedly bitten by the cycling bug and wanting to ride more and more - it does do that to you! Instinctively I knew there had simply got to be a better position to be found on my bike, something more comfortable. Soon after, I set off on a bike fit journey that sadly ended in more pain and time off the bike than I had anticipated, with painful knees, aching hips, numb hands, more pain, this time in the neck and shoulders. I seemed to be suffering more than most as was my bank balance!  The skills of a local, highly experienced sports physiotherapist, always got me back onto the bike fairly quickly, but my problems would tend to recur when I upped my mileage once again.  I wasn't getting what I specifically needed from a bike fit.
Things seemed a bit vague and driven by numbers, rather than my comfort or bio-mechanics. I felt I needed to learn more about this murky world of bike fitting to help me understand exactly why, and more pertinently what wasn't working for me. I was also beginning to wonder if there might be others like me and thought that if I could perhaps gain the correct skills, then perhaps I would be able to learn enough to help others with their bike fit. So I sought out one of the best in the business and trained in the system which is one of the world's first bike fitting systems and the original concept that many of the world's trending 'point and squirt' high-tech systems are based upon.  However I have discovered that bike fitting is much more than a numbers game; it is a configuration of bio mechanics unique to each and every individual who throws his or her leg over a bicycle, so why be configured as the average cyclist during your bike fit?  Your bike fit with Bike Fit Lab is based entirely upon you as an individual, your unique bio mechanics, because Pain-free performance, starts at the pedal...

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Ballymena, UK

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